Private Tour Packages

Why Chose Angkor Tourist Guide?

Friendly and Reliable Service

If you hire me as your tour guide during you trip in Siem Reap and Angkor I will provide you a safe, friendly and convenient service with Cambodian history, show you the best monuments in the most important archaeological sites, emperors, politic, religious, culture experience and knowledge with your ideas and desires to help you create your ideal holiday or you can build your own itineraries and tours. Existing itineraries can be flexible and adjustable and you are encouraged to add or change according to what you would like to see. We will go at the pace you wish to set- there is no hurrying or pushing.

I am happy to accompany all kinds of guests, and have a lot of experience with gay and lesbian travelers too. Many of my customers have been referred to me through the gay-friendly hotel.

Help The Local Economy

Most tour guides own and run their own small-scale guiding business. They appreciate your business and will provide a more personal service. The money they earn is their main form of support to their families. Hiring me as your tour guide with private vehicle and driver in Siem Reap is a better way for foreign tourists to support the local economy and local families.

Affordable Prices

We can guarantee the quotation of our tour package is very reasonable with an outstanding tour service if we when compare with others. We commit to offer our customers valuable tour service at affordable prices.

10 Years+ Of Experience

Our team is official and experienced English speaking guide with the officially license recognized by the Cambodia ministry of tourism. We have provided the private tours for more than ten years in Cambodia. We are very informative and responsible tour guide.